Which Camping Toilet Bag Should I Use?

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Which Camping Toilet Bag Should I Use?

Certain camping toilets require a bag to catch and hold the human waste that is deposited into them. When a camping toilet bag is required, you have the choice of using plastic or biodegradable linings.

Biodegradable bags are preferred where possible, to minimize the impact on the environment, but there are ways to use plastic/garbage bags if you have no other alternative. 

Plastic Camping Toilet Bags

It is possible to use either shopping bags, plastic bags, or other garbage bags to catch the waste from your portable toilet. In these cases, the bags are not designed to deteriorate or treat the waste that will be deposited. 

If you choose to use plastic bags, then you will need to take some extra steps when managing your waste. The primary concern is to have a supply of some sort of absorbent material.

This could be cat litter, sawdust, or something similar. When you first put the bag inside of your toilet, put a 1-2cm layer of absorbent material into the bottom of the bag.

This is to soak up any liquids you deposit and suppress the smell of the waste. 

After each occasion, the toilet is used, cover this waste with the same absorbent material. 

Once you are at the end of your trip, or the bag is approaching half full, you should tie it off, and remove it from the camp toilet.

Given the nature of the material inside, it is good to ‘double bag’ it, by placing this inside another garbage bag, before tying that up in preparation for disposal. This will ensure there is no spillage or leakage. 

Given you are using a plastic bag, you are not able to place this in any type of green waste, and it will need to go in some form of general or domestic waste bin. 

Biodegradable Camping Toilet Bags

A large range of biodegradable camping toilet bags is also available selection. The advantage of these bags, in comparison to shopping/plastic/garbage bags, is that they are designed to be used in a toilet.

As a result, they are manufactured with odor neutralizing qualities, and often transform your waste into a gel-like consistency that is easier, safer, and more environmentally friendly to dispose of. 

Some products are simply biodegradable scented bags, that can decompose in green type waste, whereas other products include a power that you sprinkle on your waste which morphs it into a gel-like substance. 

Biodegradable Camping Toilet Bag Options

Elemental Toilet Bags and Absorbent Powder

Which Camping Toilet Bag Should I Use?

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Designed for use in the Pop-Up Pooper, and Thunder Down Under camping toilet, this pack includes 12 biodegradable toilet bags and 12 packs of absorbent powder that transforms your waste into a gel-like substance.

EzyGoNow Clean Waste Collection Bags

Designed for their Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Toilet, once these bags are installed into the toilet, you add a scoop of ‘Poo Powder,’ and it is ready to use.

The combination of this bag and the Poo Powder encapsulates solid waste, controls odor, and contains a decay catalyst to process the waste. Though you might be able to fit them to another toilet, they are only intended for use with the Go Anywhere Toilet.

Elemental Thunder Down Under Toilet Bag

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Designed for use with the Thunder Down Under Portable toilet, this 12 pack of bags can also be used in other units.

However, if you plan to use it in a different model, please ensure the dimensions are suitable, as some have found the depth of this bag did not suit their bucket or folding toilet.

The advantage of these particular bags is that they are fully biodegradable, which means they can be buried after use, out in nature, saving you the need to bring waste back home after your trip.

Can I put toilet paper in my camping toilet bag? 

Some bag units with additives may cater for the decomposition of toilet paper, but ideally, you should package this up and bring it home for safe and correct disposal, either in your toilet or domestic waste disposal.

Do I need to use camp toilet liners with a camp toilet bag?

No, in toilets tht use a bag, a camp toilet liner is not usable, and provides no value. These are only relevant for flushing chemical toilets.