Should I Use a Camp Toilet Liner?

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Should I Use a Camp Toilet Liner

Camp toilet liners are worth considering for use with your portable toilet due to the multiple benefits they bring.

What are the benefits of using a Camp Toilet Liner?

The first important factor that leads many people to adopt the use of a camp toilet liner is the difference they make to cleaning your portable toilet.

In general, they reduce the amount of cleaning required significantly. By placing the liner inside the bowl before, all human waste goes directly onto the liner, instead of the toilet bowl.

Then when you flush, the toilet liner and all waste and toilet paper are sucked down the storage tank without the waste touching your toilet ball (minimally at most). This reduces, and in many cases, eliminates the need for brushing.

These reduced cleaning requirements make them more hygienic, and as you don’t ‘need to get your hands dirty’ nearly a fraction as often. A combination of a camp toilet liner, with a suitable top tank chemical will really assist the flushing effectiveness of your camp toilet.

The second factor that makes toilet bowl liners an appealing item is that they tend to reduce the amount of water required to flush.

Given that the human waste touching the liner instead of the toilet bowl, when the toilet is flushed, there are no marks or residue left behind. As a result, the second and third flushes that are sometimes required (to clean up remaining waste) are not required.

This is not only better for the environment (less water), it’s more convenient for you as you won’t need to top up the water tank as often. 

Are Camp Toilet Liners biodegradable? 

Yes, they are designed specifically for use in portable toilets, and as a result, they break down very quickly in the bottom tank and do not contribute to blockages or draining issues. 

How do you use Camp Toilet Liners?

Once you pull a liner out of the packet, you unfold it, and place it inside your toilet bowl, spread out, covering the drain valve and most of the bowl area.

Once you have finished depositing your human waste, you flush as per usual, and the whole lot is sucked down into the waste storage area, leaving no waste behind. 

This YouTube video shows how to place liners in your portable toilet bowl and flush.

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Where can I get Camping Toilet Liners?

Happy Bowl Toilet Liners – 50 pk

Happy Bowl Toilet Liner

Tentworld sells the original Happy Bowl toilet liners guarantee to keep your bowl ‘skid-free and sparkling clean. With a 50 pack also coming in at around $20.

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